Adobe Flash and Google Chrome

Chrome 56, which launched on February 1, will start blocking Adobe Flash under most common conditions:

This block will stop ads, banners and most in-page elements that use Flash. Sites that rely 100% on Flash will (probably) not be blocked in this release but here’s where it gets tricky.

Site Engagement

Chrome 56 and later will block Flash by default unless the site meets a certain “Site Engagement Threshold”. This threshold is scored from 0 to 100 with zero being the least amount of engagement. Site engagement is based on user activity with the site and is controlled per-person. If you visit a site and click, scroll or type on it you will increase your personal site engagement index for that site. You can view your own site engagement indexes by visiting this URL in Chrome:

For more on site engagement read this:

Here’s the schedule for the threshold and whether or not Chrome will block Flash. Take note that in October the plan is to completely block Flash by default for all sites.

Site Engagement Threshold User % Enabled
February 2017 2 100% (Stable 56)
March 2017 4 100%
April 2017 8 100%
May 2017 16 100%
June 2017 32 100%
July 2017 32 100%
August 2017 32 100%
September 2017 64 100%
October 2017 100 100%