Convert MXF to AVI/MOV/MP4/etc

The only way that I could find to convert a Sony cam MXF file was to use MXFSplit to pull out the raw stream and then use FFMpeg to convert that to something.

Step 1: Download and extract MXFLib from (OLD LINK, source only now)

Step 2:Drop to a command line, CD to the directory containing the files from above and run the following command on your file:
mxfsplit.exe "c:20101012-092347B01.mxf"

Step 3: The previous command will give you a *.Stream file which is a raw DV stream that we can pass to FFMPeg:
ffmpeg -y -i "c:20101012-092347B01.Stream" -s 640x480

  • vignan

    Can we use this For converting Panasonic P2 MXF to .MOV

    • chrishaas

      I don’t have access to that type of file here so you’d have to try it to find out. Luckily all of the software is free so you wouldn’t be out any money if it didn’t work.

  • Alex

    i have downloaded mxflib 1.0.1 from and extracted it.

    but there’s no mxfsplit.exe file in it…

    pls help.