Convert MXF to AVI/MOV/MP4/etc

Posted in Uncategorized by Chris Haas on October 26th, 2010

The only way that I could find to convert a Sony cam MXF file was to use MXFSplit to pull out the raw stream and then use FFMpeg to convert that to something.

Step 1: Download and extract MXFLib from FreeMXF.org (OLD LINK, source only now) FreeMXF.org

Step 2:Drop to a command line, CD to the directory containing the files from above and run the following command on your file:
mxfsplit.exe "c:20101012-092347B01.mxf"

Step 3: The previous command will give you a *.Stream file which is a raw DV stream that we can pass to FFMPeg:
ffmpeg -y -i "c:20101012-092347B01.Stream" -s 640x480 Output.mov

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