Webalizer on Windows

This post is really only some notes for me on how to use Webalizer on Windows to parse IIS log files (w3c format). If you have any questions about this please DO NOT ASK ME.

  1. Download and extract the Windows binaries
  2. Download and unzip/untar the latest GeoDB to the same directory
  3. Combine all log files:
    1. copy ex121114.log+ex121115.log combined.log
    2. copy ex121114.log+ex121115.log+ex121116.log combined.log
  4. Run:
    1. webalizer.exe -F w3c -j -J GeoDB.dat combined.log
      1. -F w3c sets IIS W3C log file format
      2. -j turns on GeoDB
      3. -J GeoDB.dat points to our manually downloaded database
      4. combined.log is the file to parse

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