Drupal Status Color Codes

This has bugged me for a long time. If you visit any project issue page on Drupal.org you’ll find a bunch of different color-coded table rows.

Example of multiple issues on Drupal.org's website for the Feeds module showing many different colored rows, where the specific usage of color for the row isn't obvious.

What the heck do the colors mean!!!

It has always bothered me, but today I decided to finally dig in. This process wasn’t hard in any way, I just really wanted a key somewhere to understand the rationality behind the order. Below I present that.

13Needs work#ffece8
14Reviewed & tested by the community#f1ffe8
15Patch (to be ported)#f1ffe8
16Postponed (maintainer needs more info)#eff1fe
17Closed (outdated)#eff1fe
18Closed (cannot reproduce)#fddddd
3Closed (duplicate)#eff1fe
5Closed (won’t fix)#eff1fe
6Closed (works as designed)#eff1fe
7Closed (fixed)#fddddd
8Needs review#ffffdd
  • Generally speaking, green-like status represent done or mostly done things
  • Yellow means a review is needed
  • Blue-ish/purple-ish is “not going to fix” for many different reasons
  • Red-ish is either fixed or confusingly, needs to be worked on (the latter has a different shade of red but it is hard to tell unless it is side-by-side with the former)
  • Grey is an active bug

To be clear, this isn’t a judgment of any of the statuses, this is just a key which I needed.

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